Improve the quality of life for orphans

Since 2001, CCRDF has been working with 3 orphanages to improve the quality of life year-round at orphanages for children with severe mental and physical disabilities through nutritional, educational, and physical therapy programs.

Each of the orphanages houses approximately 90 disabled orphans.  Most of the residents suffered from severe birth defects, including missing limbs, deformed torsos, hydrocephaly, and Down’s Syndrome. 

With the financial support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (USA) and His Grace Archbishop Antony, our Fund carried out capital repairs, including the installation of a new heating system, a new roof and floors, provided new mattresses and bedding, heavy-duty laundry machines, fresh clothing, disinfectants and cleaning agents. With the help of Heifer International, CCRDF also provided livestock to bolster food supplies. CCRDF hired new teachers and physical therapists and installed physical therapy equipment to help teach children how to walk and to improve their range of motion.  Some children have even begun to read and write, to produce art work, and to learn basic occupational skills.

orphanage programorphanage programorphanage program

For the first time, many of these children are developing a feeling of self-esteem and experiencing the joy of learning new skills.