Distribute pharmaceutical aid


Partnering with Project Lifeline and Live Tomorrow, CCRDF provides oncology medicine to children who otherwise would not have had a chance to fight their battle with cancer.

Live Tomorrow is an organization comprised of volunteers who work in all pediatric oncology centers in Ukraine gathering information about the patients who are in dire need of help.  Thanks to the volunteers’ fieldwork, Live Tomorrow is able to produce and administer the site, which lists children facing life-threatening situations where the family cannot afford to pay for the medicines, and where the medicines are not available free from the hospital.  Live Tomorrow locates the patients in need and provides details needed regarding their treatment to CCRDF which responds to any queries, then once approval is given by Project Lifeline, locates, purchases, and delivers the medicine directly to the patient.

Project Lifeline is an Italian-based organization which funds the pharmaceutical aid program and has its own medical advisory team which reviews each application and, ultimately, approves or denies funding.   The patients’ treating physicians are also included in the application process.