Develop CSR programs

Partnering with corporations and foundations to design and implement extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programs committed to making a positive impact in Ukraine.  Programs developed for corporations or foundations by CCRDF strengthen and enhance CCRDF’s existing programs benefiting the Women’s and Children’s Health Initiative Program.

With 20 years worth of experience in the humanitarian medical sector in Ukraine, CCRDF performs the following for corporations and foundations:

  • Designs of the program’s strategy
  • Defines and shapes the programs or projects
  • Engages stakeholders and consults them
  • Orchestrates and implements the project
  • Provides issue management
  • Reports on the effectiveness of the program
  • Advises which steps to take further
  • Enhances the corporation’s public profile

CSR programs





The most successful partnership for CCRDF has been the Cradles of Hope program, developed, implemented, and monitored by CCRDF and funded by the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation.  In total, $3,500,000 worth of medical aid reached 18 partner hospitals between 2006-2009.